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Our 1st Album is Born!

Today starts the release of NEW WORLD, the first concept album by Eufonia Project.

12 track edited by 12 international artists and video makers for a music travel toward a NEW WORLD!

Thanks to all the great artists that join our project:

- Blue Eden production (Patrick and Henrick Shyu) (USA)

- Tetsumasa Saito (Japan)

- Shawn Stockman Malone (USA)

- Wynand van Wyk (South Africa)

- Murat Saygıner (Turkey)

- Peter William Holden (UK/Germany)

- Jérémie Brunet (France)

- Jack Offord and Elena Marina (UK)

- Marty Mellway (Canada)

- Jan Eric Euler (Germany)

- Adonis Pulatus (Australia/Germany)

- Eugenia Loli (USA)

..Keep on follow the travel!

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